School of Reserve Officers

Ouruniversitypaysgreat attention to the National Defense Education. The Military Researchcenter working togetherwith the Armed Forceswas foundin 1984.We have opened military theory courses with two teachers. Since 1985,we started training our students with military skills.In 1989,we established the Department of the Military PE,with special funds.And then in 1995, the specialized agency of military training was set up with full-time stuffs and special funds.Schoolof Reserve Officers was found in 2006,takingcharge of the National Defense Educationforthe students in theuniversityand the training of national defense students.The collegeis divided intoexecutiveoffice,militaryteaching and research office andoffice of Studentaffairs.Now we have nine full-time teachers, includingone professor,five associate professorsand three teaching assistants.Our academic researchhasacquired a great achievement,publishingeight teaching books, sixtypapers andmore than ten research subjects.Many achievementshave receivedprovincial oruniversityrewards.

Defense Education

Our collegetakesthe military theory teaching as the main channel,military skills training as the battle positionandeducational activities after class as the carrier. ItimplementsDefense Education,which turnsout to be institutionalization,standardizationandscientific.Every September,new students are trained with military skills.October is the Defense Educational month,in which month we host many activities about National Defense knowledge likecompetitions,lecturesandsoliciting articles.In the next two months,we publicize for the draft.Then in next April, the military orienteering team and military-gun shooting team begin training.Seven defense sports itemsare involved in the sports meeting in May.We hold a selection for advancedorganizationsand individualsin June.In July and August,it will have military camp and social practice through the troops to experience the life. Students who participate in national flag guards attendmanyactivities.Every Monday, the flag raising ceremony begins. Welecturemilitary theory teaching throughout the year.

The authoritiesinhigher levels came to our school many times to instruct and inspect national defense educationalaffairs, and highly evaluated. Ouruniversityhas receivedthe honorofthe national advanced unit for students' military training and Heilongjiang national defense education advanced unit many times.And wehavewon advanced unit title jointly awardedbythe CPC HeilongjiangProvincialPartyCommittee,Heilongjiang Provincial Government and Provincial MilitaryCommand forthe defense mobilization civil-military joint training in 2006.

National Defense Students Training

Our university has contract with the Second Artilleryfor training the national defense studentsin 2003.In 2004,we selectedNational Defense Studentsamong thestudents inGrade 2003.Also in thesame year,wehave begunto recruit students passingthe college entrance examination in zero tables.Schoolof Reserve Officerswas found in April 2006, as a specialized educational management organization for training national defense students.

We enforce themodeofteaching separately, livingtogether,and unified management for the national defense students.School ofReserve officers and theofficer ofChinese people'sLiberationArmyin HUST work ina clear division andcooperatemutually.In2008, we made and implemented therule for managing thenational defense studentsin HUST, which isthe basis for carrying out national defense education management. After the bold exploration attempt, our national defense students werecultivated to betheunique.Our training quality enhances unceasingly.National defense students participate in activities with outstanding performance,becoming beautiful scenery on campus. Compared withthe national defense students in otheruniversities, our national defense students graduated with thought stability, good comprehensive quality,fast adaptation for new positions,and were highly praised by forces.

School ofReserve officers always adhere to and implement "The National Defense Law of the PRC","The Military Law"and"The National Defense Education Law"from legal height,ensuring national securityfrompolitical level,cultivating high-quality talentsfor country and national defense construction from the strategic height. We constant create a new situation for national defense education withinnovativeconcept,thinking,andmethods.

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