School of Mechanical and Power Engineering

School ofMechanicaland Power Engineering

The School of Mechanical & Power Engineering has 5 undergraduate programs of “Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation”, “Electromechanical Engineering”, “Vehicle Engineering”, “Heat Energy and Power Engineering”, “Industrial Design”. At present, there are totally over 2500 undergraduates. The undergraduate program of “Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation” is the national characteristic specialty. “Heat Energy and Power Engineering” is key specialty of Heilongjiang province. The academic subjects of “Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation” and “Mechanical Design and Theory” are the key college subjects of Heilongjiang province. The first level academic subject of “Mechanical Engineering” has the right to confer a doctoral degree and a postdoctoral research station. “Mechanical Engineering”, “Heat Energy and Power Engineering” and “Vehicle Engineering” have the right to confer master degrees. “Mechanical Engineering”, “Vehicle Engineering”, “Power Engineering” and “Industrial Design Engineering” have the right to confer master of engineering degrees. There are five excellent course of Heilongjiang province in the school, and there are about 50 graduates for doctor degrees and about 360 graduates for master degrees.

The school has a faculty of 149 including 11 doctoral supervisors, 4 special allowance winners of state council, 4 Longjiang scholars, 2 distinguished teachers of Heilongjiang province, 2 “New Century Excellent Talents” of provincial education department, 51 professors, 83 associate professors, senior engineers or associate researchers. Among whom, there are 56 teachers with doctoral degrees, and 97 teachers with master degrees.

The school has totally 15 scientific research institutes, 10 scientific research teams, 9 teaching management departments, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 2 national engineering laboratory education centers. The "laboratory of High-efficient cutting and tool” is a national local joint engineering laboratory. There are 1 provincial key subject professional leader team, 1 provincial key field innovation team, 2 provincial excellent postgraduate supervisor teams, 3 provincial leaders teams, 1 provincial science and technology innovation team, 1 provincial teaching team and 1 national excellence engineer education program specialty.

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automationis a key provincial profession, where the discipline is the key provincial discipline. It is eligible of granting doctorate and master's degree, there are three professional directions, which are Machinery manufacturing automation technology, Modern design techniques, Advanced processing technology and tool technology.It commits to cultivating senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in scientific research of machinery manufacturing and automation fields, engineering, production and development and operation management. There are many professional teachers, including one Labor Medal winner, two Longjiang scholars, two Heilongjiang Province Outstanding Youth Fund winners, six Doctoral tutors,15 professors. As regard to scientific research, more than 70 items of national or provincial level have been completed, more than 20 scientific awards of National, provincial and ministerial level have been received. In teaching it focus on the combination of theory and practice, through a variety of theoretical and practical teaching, so that students master the design and manufacture of machinery and automation basic theory and professional knowledge, both foreign languages and computer applications, and the ability to solve practical engineering problems.

Vehicle engineeringprofessional mainly cultivate complex technical personnel in design and manufacturing of vehicle, vehicle detection、diagnosis and repair, automobile Service Engineering(marketing、safety、claims, etc.)applications. Emphasized on discipline-based,professional caliber,comprehensive ability and continuous learning ability, constructed relevant professional platform with Pittsburg State University, USA. Currently, there are 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 2 senior engineers, 7 Master Instructors and 5 Ph.Ds. Vehicle engineering combines engineering practice ability with innovation and has completed more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial projects since its establishments. The advantaged research directions of this profession are Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology、Reverse Engineering、Vehicle Dynamics and Control Technology、Vehicle hydraulic pneumatic drive technology, etc.

Mechatronic Engineeringdiscipline aims at cultivating engineering technical talents who having a firm grasp of basic theories and systematic, specialized knowledge ,mastering mechanics, electronics technology, computer application technology and automatic control technology, familiar with the methods of scientific research and technological development in the discipline concerned, and also having practical and theoretical analysis ability. Among the professional teaching team, there is 1 New Century Excellent Talents in University, 1 Longjiang Scholar, 1 winner of Heilongjiang Province Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 3 doctoral supervisors.

Energy and power engineeringspecialty cultivates talents who can be engaged in the field of energy and power engineering design, manufacturing, scientific research, development, application research, operation and management and expands and strengthens the cultivation of the compound applied talents in energy and environmental engineering, etc. Now there are 7 professors, 3 associate professors, and 6 of them are Ph.Ds. The most advantageous research directions of this profession are the research of flow and heat transfer in a variety of motors, clean energy, environmental protection technology, new type of combustion technology, energy-saving technology and drying technology, etc.

The Industrial designspecialty attempts to train the students into designers who have solid foundation of Engineering and Technology, good design expression and arts modeling ability, keen creative ideas, mastering modern design program and methods, maintaining a harmonious relationship between the human, machine and environment. They will possess the ability of products design, structure design, human-machine interface and graphic design. And they will be able to work in the enterprises, institutes and design companies for product design, visual communication design and generalization, etc.

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