School of Economy

School of Economy began the enrollment of undergraduate students of economy and management major in 1982. In 2008, the School of Management and Economy is divided as school of Economy and School of Management. Currently, the School of Economy has four undergraduate majors, namely, accounting, economics, international economy and trade, and finance. It has two secondary subjects of master degree, industrial economics and accounting. And it has three engineering master majors, including project management, industry engineering and logistics engineering. In the past 29 years, the School of Economy has educated nearly ten thousand of talents in the field of economy and management.

From the setting up of the school, the educational system of undergraduate and postgraduate students has been founded. The educational strategy is set up, taking the undergraduate education as the main task, developing the postgraduate education with the solid foundation. Nowadays, there are about 1600 undergraduate students, 90 postgraduate students and 200 engineering postgraduate students.

There are 4 laboratories attached with the School of Economy, including laboratory of accounting stimulation, laboratory of accounting computerization, laboratory of electronic commerce and laboratory of economy and finance. Most of the laboratories are in open style. The total value of teaching and experiment facilities is over two million Yuan.

Since the School of Economy attaches great importance to the planning, establishment and management of teaching faculty, the current teaching faculty is competent and has a reasonable age and knowledge structure. There are sixty-two teaching and administrative employees in this school, in which forty-nine are teachers. There are twenty professors and twenty-eight associate professors. There are fifteen teachers with doctor degree, and eight teachers studying for the doctor degree. 90% of the teachers under 35 years old have master degree. Eleven teachers are chosen as the academic representatives and mothball academic representatives. Two teachers are selected as outstanding talents. And four teachers are awarded with the title of excellent teachers by the university. There are six teachers have the experience of overseas education. There are three doctoral supervisors and 19 postgraduate supervisors. The teachers has applied and finished a great number of academic research projects, including national science fund, national social science fund and technical problem tackling fund of Heilongjiang Province.

The School of Economy implements the strategy, which is taking the subject establishment as the turning point, taking the education as the center, taking the academic research as the support, and developing the subjects and majors with its own characteristics. The School of Economy follows the university motto of unifying knowledge and behaviors, gaining rich and profound knowledge with a foresight. And the school follows the education thought of unity, progress, pragmatism and innovation. Multiple teaching methods are adopted aiming at fostering the highly qualified and applicable talents with economic and management background. In the process of teaching, academic cooperation with domestic and foreign universities are actively promoted. The students graduated with good knowledge basis, fine quality, innovation spirit and entrepreneurship are welcomed by the enterprises and institutions. At present, the majority of graduated students have become the backbones and leaders in the medium or large enterprises. The students’ employment ratio has been over 90% for many years.

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