School of Applied Sciences

The School of Applied Sciencewas merged from the Basic Teaching Department One, Basic Teaching Department Two and Technology Physics Department in April 1998.Technology Physics Department was its former name in University of Science and Technology Harbin, which was founded in June 1978, suggested by Wang Daheng, Chinese famous scientist, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,and academician of China Engineering Academy.

Our school has the following departments: Applied Mathematics, Electronic Science and Technology, Applied Physics, Material Physics, Optical Information Science and Technology, Physical Experiment Center and Information and Computing Technology. Our School has 141 staff, including three PHD supervisors, one provincial famous teacher, 4 university famous teachers, 20 professors, 2 researchers, 38 associate professors, 8 senior engineers and one associate researcher.

Our school has 7 undergraduate specialties, which are Information and Computing Science (provincial key specialty, national characteristic specialty), Statistics, Electronic Science and Technology(provincial key specialty),Applied Physics, Material Physics, Optical Information Science and Technology, and Microelectronics. We have 1445 full-time undergraduates, and provincial model experiment centers of basic physics and technology physics, laboratories of organic electronic devices founded by central government and local government, laboratories of modern physics, laboratories of integrated circuit design, laboratories of electronic devices reliability, laboratories of optical communication and optical information process, laboratories of sensor, performance test laboratories of material physics. The total areas of laboratories are 2,500 square meters. The equipments in the laboratories are new, which are suitable for students to develop their abilities.

Our school pays attention to scientific construction. We have 6 master degree subjects, which are Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Material Physics and Chemistry, Optical Engineering, Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, Condensed Matter Physics. Basic Mathematics, Material Physics and Chemistry are provincial key subjects. We have a master degree grant of high school education on Applied Mathematics. We have about 200 postgraduate students and 9 doctoral students.

Our school emphasizes on cultivating students abilities about computer application and foreign languages and some other practical exercises. We try to foster the talented students with profound basic knowledge and versatile skills.

Over the past decade, we have taken on 23 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 18 projects of National Ministries Fund, 30 projects of Provincial Natural Science Foundation, 14 Provincial Science and Technology Key Projects. In recent years, we have awarded one third price of State Scientific and Technological Progress, one first price of Ministry Scientific and Technological Progress, and some other provincial prices. We have published more than 600 articles, in which more than 200 articles are researched by SCI, EI and ISTP. Our school pays attention to communication and cooperation with other partners. We have invited more than 60 specialists to deliver speeches in our university. 32 teachers from our school are sent to other places to give speech. We have hired 20 professors as part-time and visiting professors.19 teachers are sent abroad to study. 35 foreign academic visitors have come to school. We have cooperated to train 7 doctoral students with universities at home and abroad. We have established extensive academic relationship with Poland, America, Spain, Japan, Korea, France, Canada, Russia and Singapore, exchanges materials and information at any time.

Our school insists on the policy of cultivating competent people, establishing quality school and developing unique feature. We make effort to carrying on the three plans which are scientific construction plan, specialty construct plan and young teachers training plan. In the future years, we will contribute ourselves to make our university the first level in our nation.

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