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School of Art of HUST was founded in July, 2004, as the descendant of the original Art Design Department of HUST’s former School Humanities and Social Sciences. Now it has been developed into a well-known academy in both Harbin and Heilongjiang province with a good qualification of teaching conditions and advanced facilities, as well as a highly-qualified teaching staff of 65 professional teachers including three professors, 18 associate professors and35 lecturers, one of whom has PhD degree of Fine Art.

The whole school is made up of five departments, i.e. Decoration Art Design Department, Environmental Art Design Department, Adornment Art Design Department, Digital Media Design Department and Painting Department, one teaching department, i.e. Fine Art Theory Teaching Department and one experiment center, as well as some subsidiary bodies such as Design & Research Group. Besides, the school has established four computer labs (includes one Apple computer lab), five multimedia classrooms and one multifunctional reference room.

The school enrolled both undergraduate and postgraduates. Artistic design and painting are the two bachelor’s degree programs of the school. Under the former there are six major fields, i.e. graphic arts design, advertising art design, outside environment art design, art of indoor design, decorative arts design and digital media design, while under the latter there are two major fields, i.e. oil painting and Chinese painting. Also, the school has a master of design program, under which there are four major fields, i.e. environment art design, adornment, decorative art design and industrial design. Currently, there are over 800 undergraduates and some 40 postgraduates are studying in the school.

During the six years after founding, the school is keen on various academic communications and co-operations with Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Tongji University (TJU),The Russian Far East Institute, Taiwan Times and other art groups from both home and abroad, and invited quite a few world-famous artists from Russia, Japan, Spain, Taiwan and Mainland China, such as Vadim, Lee Sun Don, Linmo & Cristobal Ortega barrionuevo and Ma Kexin, etc. to hold lectures for her teachers and students to inspire their artistic insights.

To cultivate qualified graduates for the society, the school is always vigorously advocating the education of all-round development, practical ability and innovation sense, thanks to which the quality of talents cultivation here is well guaranteed. Her graduates are welcomed all over the country and are playing active roles in their jobs, including some designing jobs for the significant projects of national and provincial levels. This is best proved by the fact that Guo Yong and Jiang Li, two of her graduates, have ever taken part in the logo design for the Sailing Games of 2008’s Olympics and eventually their works was adopted by the organizing committee.

Specialty Construction

When the school was founded in 2004, it has only the speciality of art design. In order to meet the social need better, widening specialty specifications became the major concern of the school. In 2007, the school started her second bachelor’s degree program, i.e. painting, which means a dramatic breakthrough in her specialty construction.

Up to now, the school’s disinary system has covered two bachelor’s degree programs, eight major fields and one master’s degree program. with the hard working of the whole school in exploring and utilizing her advantageous connotation as an outlet of a

science and engineering universities, the width of her disciplines tends to be broadened greatlly and more school-based courses full of characteristics will be developed.

Curriculum Construction

According to HUST’s development planning, the school managed to revise her teaching program and syllabus design so as to perfect her curriculum system construction and multifaceted cultivation plan. Different programs were designed for different specialties in talent training, curriculum provision, period distribution, examination way and grading way, etc.

After the ten major fields of oil painting and Chinese painting were established in 2008, dozens of discussions were held amongst the school’s academic board and teaching staff of corresponding courses. Then a proper all-round scheme was worked out. a number of suitable bases of painting from life practice were established in both Heilongjiang and some other provinces for students to build their comprehension of artistic creation and the course “Color and still life painting” was awarded as “starred course” of HUST later.

Achievements of Scientific Researches

To make highlight of the teaching principle of applying academic study to innovation study, from 2004 to 2009, more efforts were put on the scientific researches all over the school. Now the teachers’ scientific researching ability improved a lot, having successfully obtained one national research projects and eight provincial research projects, published eight papers of national level and 70 papers of provincial level, and granted 15 prizes of national level and 150 papers of provincial level for teachers’ painting or designing works and 45 prizes of national level and 90 papers of provincial level for students’ painting or designing works.

Besides, the school had paid greater attention to enhancing the construction of school-based textbooks and regarded it as an important measurement of the school’s discipline development. A number of high-quality textbooks have been published, includingColor Representation(won the award of third prize of Heilongjiang Society for Higher education in 2006),Wonderful GOREIDRAW Class(ranked in the 21stcentury programming teaching material for universities and colleges),Sketching of Designand so on.


Professional papers which all entered three international indexes online2004 -2009


Paper title


Journal name




A study of Chie Tzu Yüan Hua Chuan Chuji

Liu Yue

Tsinghua Science and Technology




The Chieh Tzu Yüan Hua Chu

Liu Yue





The Impression on Cao Li

Liu Haiying

Literature and Art Criticism



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