HUST Signs a Cooperation Agreement with CYUT

byHuang Hai fromDepartment of Teaching Affairs

Translated by Wei Xutao Edited by Zhen Yanhua

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From February 4 to 11,at the invitation of Heilongjiang Provincial Government’s Taiwan Affair office, a delegation from several Taiwan universities, including National Taiwan University, Taiwan Kaohsiung University, and CYUT (Chaoyang Uinversity of Technology in Taiwan), etc, paid a visit to Heilongjiang Province,

During the one-week visit, asymposiumwas held for the delegation and representatives from some universities and colleges ofHeilongjiangProvinceon enhancing academic communication and scientific cooperation in higher education between mainlandChinaandTaiwanProvince. Representatives from HUST’s Department of Teaching Affairs and International Cooperation & Exchanges Department attended the symposium.

On February 9, Professor Lin Shuquan, CYUT’s delegate in the delegation as well as director of International & Across-strait Cooperation Department, visited HUST, and shared ideas with HUST’s Vice President Meng Dawei, Director Liu Shenghui and Vice Director Xu Yongming from Department of Teaching Affairs on joint undergraduate cultivation, faculty training and academic cooperation between HUST and CYUT. Then, after making detailed discussion on the concrete contents of the cooperation, an agreement entitled “The Agreement for HUST and CYUT to Establish Long-term Academic Cooperation” was signed.

CYUT, formerly known as Chaoyang Polytechnic (until 1997), is the first private university of technology, as well as one of the first universities of technology (together with four others) inTaiwan. There are five schools in CYUT, all of which are certificated “A” among the schools of Taiwan universities, and four educational centers, including the Innovation Breeding Center, which is the only EBN approved one in Taiwan. According to statistics made by 2014, the CYUT’s structure of teaching staff shot to the top in Taiwan’s private university of technology, so did the number of ESI papers publicized by her teachers, according to the statistics made by 2011.

The cooperation agreement signed this time laid a solid foundation to the further cooperation between the two universities, and can be seen as a milestone for HUST in enhancing academic communication & scientific cooperation towardTaiwanas well. (Photo by Huang Hai)

Sharing ideas on cooperation

Professor Lin exchanging gifts with Vice President Meng

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