HUST Holds her 2nd Major Program Emendation Seminar

byLi Shanqiang fromDepartment of Teaching Affairs

Translated by Wei Xutao Edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On March l2, hosted by Professor Liu Shenghui, director of HUST’s Department of Teaching Affairs, the 2nd major program emendation seminar of this term was held for the curricula of applied science and architecture in the next 5-year turn (2015-2020). Professor Meng Dawei, HUST’s vice president in charge of teaching, as well as most cadres and core teachers fromSchoolofApplied ScienceandSchoolofArchitecture, attended the seminar.

At the seminar, based on the realities of their own working fields, attendees from School of Applied Science, including Professor Wang Junming, the dean, Professor Huang Jinzhe, the vice dean, Professor Song Mingxin, the director of Electronic Science & Technology Department, Professor Shen Tao, the branch Party secretary of Optical Electronic Information Science & Engineering and Professor Zhang Guozhi, director of Applied Science Department, as well as from School of Architecture, including Professor Zeng Tao, the dean, Professor Lu Chengjiang, the vice dean, Professor Bao Kunpeng, the director of Architecture Department, Professor Li Donghua, the director of Engineering Mechanics Department and Professor Wang Xiaodong, director of the Civil Engineering Department, took turns to share their own understandings on this training program emendation and introduce the corresponding work they had done up to now.

In conclusion, Vice President Meng highlighted the importance of HUST’s new turn of training program emendation and encouraged the attendees to further the optimization and integration on their schools’ curricular systems and teaching contents, by introducing dynamic adjustment mechanism and establishing continuous professional improvement mechanism, etc, so as to reach the talent training target of HUST, i.e., to produce graduates with more suitable knowledge structure, stronger ability of practice and keener sense of innovation.

(Photo by Li Shaqiang)

Vice President Meng delivering his speech

The site of seminar

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