An Initial Written Proposal

byZhang Dawei fromCommunist Youth League

Translated by Liu Ying; edited byZhen Yanhua

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March 4, 2015

Dear students,

On March 5, 2015, the 52ndanniversary to learn from Comrade Lei Feng and the 16thChinese Youth Volunteer Service Day, we, the college students of the new era, should shoulder the historical mission, learn from Comrade Lei Feng’s spirit of thrift, devotion to the collective, and willingness to help others. In order to be a civilized college student, we should practice the spirit of Comrade Lei Feng with practical actions. The proposals to the students are as follows:

I. Set a lofty ideal and life pursuit, and try to be an inheritor of Chinese traditional virtues and a practitioner of Socialist moral norm.

II. Carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, including dedication, friendship, mutual aid and progress. Promote consciousness of volunteer service. Highlight the spirit of the times. Participate in the activities of young volunteers. Practice the spirit of Comrade Lei Feng with the practical action.

III. Set the loyal faith. Try to study independently, take part in examinations honestly, keep the campus environment, advocate civilized fashion, stop immoral behavior and avoid to damage college’s reputation.

IV. Adhere to the thrifty style. To develop a good habit, we’d better save water and electricity, resist consciously unhealthy living habits, and advocate healthy life of college students.

V. In order to consciously develop the civilized eating habits, we should observe disciplines, dine politely, queue up, respect the labor of others, treasure grain, and avoid wasting.

VI. As a college student, we should consciously resist the tobacco, establish the concept that smoking is harmful to oneself and others, and advocate a civilized and healthy life to build a smoke-free campus.

VII. Strengthen the consciousness to keep network moral, and study the network moral norms. We strive to understand correctly the connotation of network culture, use polite network language, be good at acquire useful information through network, control playing games, and avoid browsing the illegal websites to create a healthy network environment. Finally we’d better walk out of the network, the dormitory, and towards the playground.

VIII. Obey school rules. Never arrive late for classes. Avoid absenteeism and leaving early. We should create a strong learning atmosphere by prohibiting desk culture, wall culture, and graffiti. In dormitories, college students should keep clean and tidy, avoid illegal use of electricity, drinking, gambling, and fighting in order to consciously maintain study and living order, and create a civilized campus.

IX. Everyone is contesting hard for the lead to consider the overall situation. We shall study the spirit of Comrade Lei Feng to develop and build up a scientific world view, outlook on life and sense of worth. To build a good future, we’d better study hard, lay a solid foundation, strengthen skills and improve the comprehensive quality.

Since the spirit of Comrade Lei Feng is a valuable treasure, we should insist on studying the spirit daily. Let’s remember firmly the spirit of HUST to work together to transfer the torch of Lei Feng spirit and contribute to the construction of style of study and campus civilization with the practical action.

Academic Committee,

The Communist Youth League,

Youth Volunteer Association

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