Red Ribbons over HUST

byJia Chengzhi fromHUST Hospital

Translated by Wei Xutao; edited by Chen Fuming

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Dec.1, 2014markedthe 27th World AIDS Day(WAD),thetheme being as “Getting to Zero”.On Nov. 30, the inauguration ceremony of WAD2014’s publicity and “Red Ribbon over Campus” Campaign was held in Peking University, Beijing. The campaign was jointly hosted by the Rights Department of CYL Central Committee, Chinese Association of STD & AIDS Prevention & Control and Chinese Health Education Network, aiming to make undergraduates more aware of the urgency of HIV/AIDS prevention and control through a series of activities carried out in 16 national key universities in China for the following whole year.

To respond to this call and made the theme better known among undergraduates, Harbin CDC (Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention) programmed teach-ins and consulting services in ten of Harbin universities, colleges or institutes, including HUST, where a series of activities were arranged to publicize HIV/AIDScontrol and prevention on and shortly after the WAD 2014.

On the noon of Dec. 1, organized byHUST Hospital, a signature collecting activity inthe name of “Red Ribbon over Campus”was held in front of the first canteen of West Campus. Hundreds of teachers and students passing by there signed their names earnestly and managed to learn more corresponding information proactively, making the atmosphere pretty lively.

At 6:00 p.m. of Dec. 2, a lecture on HIV/AIDS prevention was held in Room 303 of the first teaching building, West Campus. The lecturer was Doctor Wen Yingchun, the archiater and director of Health Education Department from Harbin Disease Control Center, as well as the secretary-general ofHUSTAssociation of STD & AIDS Prevention & Control.

Doctor Wen extended his lecture from 5 parts, i.e. The introduction of STD and AIDS, the spread of AIDS, the hazard of AIDS to the society, the self-protection and treatment of HIV/AIDS occupational exposure and the corresponding policies and regulations from governments at all levels.

The lecture was coherent, simple, pertinence and aroused great interest among the audience, including Jiang Guoyu, League secretary of HUST CYL Committee, and Zou Weidong, deputy dean of HUST Hospital, who attended the lecture on behalf of their working place—the joint hosts, as well as all freshmen monitors, stewards, psychological directors and some volunteers from HUST.

Scene of “Red Ribbon over Campus” Campaign inauguration ceremony in Beijing

Scene ofHUST’s “Red Ribbon over Campus” signature collecting activity

Doctor Wen extending his lecture on AIDS Prevention & Control

The lecture

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