HUST Contestants’ Outstanding Performance at the “Intel Cup” Moot Court Competition in Northeast China

byMu Yiming fromSchoolof Laws

Translated by Liu Xiuming; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On Dec. 8, 2014, the first round of the first “Intel Cup”Moot CourtCompetition of Colleges in Northeast China was held in Law Elite Training Center of Jilin University. As the competition was sponsored and hosted by Jilin University and experienced judges, lawyers and professors from Heilongjiang province, Jilin province and Liaoning province were invited as the judges of the competition, a total of 21 universities including Jilin University, Liaoning University, Heilongjiang University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics signed up for the competition.

Schoolof Lawslaid great emphasis on this competition and several selections were made ahead of time. After careful selection, six students from our university (Chen Zihan, Yin Wenxiu, Ma Xinjia, Fan mingyao, Li Xiaolu and Mu Yiming) were chosen as the contestants, and six teachers (Li Lianfeng, Zhao Yanqiu, Fang Yan, Cui Yanfeng, Wang Libing and Shang Shumin) were chosen as tutors and advisors for the competition.

Having trained for nearly two months, the contestants were adequately prepared in adjudication rule, litigation strategy, charging document and pleading plan with the help of their tutors and advisors.

In the moot court ofa case of disputes over sales contracts between Zhang Huan and Shengyuan World Watch Center, our contestants showed their great abilities in logical thinking, court defending and controlling of court procedures. The two parties for plaintiff and defendant respectively had hot debates on “whether the plaintiff is qualified” and “whether this case constitutes fraud”. Focusing much on legal basis, the judges of the competition asked legal questions on the invalidation of contracts, the cancellation of contracts and the like as the competition was in progress.

After competitions, contestants from our university entered the semi-finals and finally gained Honor of Top Six Group. Mu Yiming was awarded Honor of Best Contestant for his excellent performance. Through this competition, students experienced the court procedures, learned law cases and stabilized their aspirations of law career. The great honors that the contestants got showed their elegant demeanors of meeting challenges and fine style of study: honesty, hardworking and the unity of knowing and doing.

A photo of contestants, tutors and advisors

Competition in progress I

Competition in progress II

Contestants, tutors and advisors with honors and certificates

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