Learning in HUST: Walking with the Youth Dream, Reading English in the Morning

byHUST Youth fromYouth League Committee

Translated by Tian Xu; edited by Chen Fuming

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Youth is not a certain period in life, but a powerful spirit. Every morning, they form the habit of getting up at 6 o’clock, breathe the fresh air on the campus at Harbin University of Science and Technology. They read English not for applause, not for conquering, but for singing out the power of the mind.

Morning English Reading Club in Harbin University of Science and Technology was founded in 2008, a representative of the excellent clubs. They aim to love English and love English expressions. They persist in reading English in the morning for several years. The students in the club walk towards the playgrounds instead of the Internet and dormitory. Those, who are in the club for two years, three years or ever four years, have learned many vivid English expressions and the youth spirit as well. The morning English reading club also cultivates the team spirit.

Apart from the morning reading, the club also organizes some other activities, such as reading in the evening, movie course, English corner, learning group. Every night, the students come to the evening reading room which is another place to study. This is a free place where they can explain in English in detail, read passionately and recite crazily.

The movie course and English corner for each week is the best option to broaden the knowledge and apply what they learn. In the movie class, not only can they appreciate the American movie, they can also learn the American pronunciation and know about the American culture. In the English corner, you can express freely what you want.

They are confident, crazy, proud and strong in spirit. They help others and improve themselves. There is a popular saying in the club, which goes that “One can walk very fast, but a group can walk further.” They help each other just like brothers and sisters.

They accompany each other, challenge themselves and cherish their dreams. The song of the club goes: “Everyone is No. 1, and No. 1 belongs to everyone.”

Morning English Reading Club welcome your participation!

The public micro-message platform No.: HUST-CFCD

Morning Reading Time: 6:30-7:30

Reading Place: gate of the School Applied Sciences (summer)

Room 303, No. 1 Building (winter)

Evening reading time: 21:00-21:45

Evening reading place: New Main Building A210

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