HUST Students Wins in the “FLTRP·ETIC Cup” National English Reading Competition

HUSTStudents Winsin theFLTRP·ETIC CupNational English Reading Competition

By Song Fei;Updated:2022-12-12 17:03:36

Translated by Yang Yuanyuan;Edited by Kang Xiaoyun, Pangbaokun

On February 9, the national final of the "FLTRP·ETIC Cup" National English Reading Competition was held online. After aheatedcompetition, Li Tianyouof 2019stood out and won the first prize in the national final due to his language proficiency.

For five consecutive years since 2018, issued by the China Association of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, the "FLTRP·ETIC Cup" National English Reading Competition has been listed in the "National University Student Competition". In addition, it is the only foreign language competition in the list, which is highly authoritative, academic and professional. The competition has been recognized for its achievements in leading concepts, cultivating talents and promoting teaching. More than 420,000 students from 1,041 universities participated in this year's Reading Competition, and 120 finalists were selected for the national finals.

Adhering the principle of"fosteringstudents though education and to learn from competition", the School of Foreign Languagesattaches great importance to cultivating students' learning and critical thinking skills, encourages them to read widely, to understand the spirit of China and to develop a global perspective in their reading. Li Tianyou's success in this competition is not only a demonstration of students' foreign language skills, but also a reflection of the teaching results of the School of Foreign Languages.

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This year's competition has received strong support from the Teaching Affairs Office since the university and provincial competitions. The School of Foreign Languages attaches great importance to the competition, organized it meticulously, selectedcandidatesstrictly, trainedthem respectivelyand guidedthemto prepare forthe competitionwith all its might.

The School of Foreign Languages will continue to sum up its experience, continuously improve theproficiencyof teachers,push forward the progress of the students through participatingcompetition andcontribute to the construction ofa double first-class university and train more outstanding talents.

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