Joint Panels of HUST Engineering Education Accreditation Providing Feedback for Spot Inspection in a Meeting

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From: Center of Higher Education Research & Teaching Quality Evaluation

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On the afternoon of November 19th, HUST held a meeting in which the joint panels of Engineering Education Accreditation provided feedback for spot inspection to the departments of Material Molding and Control Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Measurement Technology and Instrument Engineering and Software Engineering at the 2nd conference room of the Main Building. Present in the meeting were all the members of the joint panel, HUST president Zhao Lin, deputy party committee secretary Lu Yan, Vice-president Liu Shenghui, leaders and responsible professors of relevant departments, schools and offices. The meeting was hosted by Professor Xia Shuqian, leader of the joint panel.

Professor Xia explained the procedures of the meeting and the follow-up arrangement, briefly concluded the work done by the panel during the past two days, praised the fact that HUST paid close attention to undergraduate education and Engineering Education Accreditation, and expressed thanks to all the considerate arrangements during the panel’s spot inspection and stay in Harbin on behalf of the panel.

Each team provided feedback for the spot inspection according to the schedule.

Professor Du Dong from Qinghua University spoke on behalf of the Material Molding and Control Engineering team. He spoke highly of the attitude and work of the leaders and professors in the school. All the professors have grasped the standard and requirement of the Accreditation and implemented them in the teaching process. The teaching quality has been improved continuously and OBE theory has been naturally integrated into teaching activities. The student training system reached or basically reached the requirement of the Accreditation. He then provided some suggestions toward the wording of training objective, splitting of target reference point for graduation requirement, designing of the curriculum and upgrading of the instrument and equipment for experiment and teaching for further improvement.

Professor Zhang Xinmin from Henan Polytechnic University spoke on behalf of the Vehicle Engineering team. He gave positive feedback about the establishment of “Golden Class”, the training of “Golden Professors” and the shaping of “Golden Majors” in HUST. The school has integrated the OBE theory into the whole talent training process, combined the major connotative construction and development with the industrial technological upgrading, thus provided lots of high quality “ application-type” talents and achieved or basically achieved the standard of the Accreditation. Also, he provided suggestions about the design of the evaluation questionnaire for regular rationalization of training objective, rationalization of class examination, further improvement of class quality and design of class for the training of non-technological skills.

Professor Li Dongsheng from China Jiliang University spoke on behalf of Measurement Technology and Instrument team. He recognized the fact that this major in HUST has become the national featured major, provincial key major and provincial comprehensive reform pilot major, established a national experiment and teaching demonstration center, constructed off campus base for internship and practice with many famous domestic and foreign enterprises, maintained the employment and further education rates of graduates at a high level for many years and ranked among the highest in its level of running school in our country. He offered his suggestions about the understanding and conclusion of the meaning of non-technological target reference point for graduation requirement, matching of class objectives and target reference point for graduation requirement, training of communication skills and budget for internship and practice.

Professor Zhang Jing from Guangdong Culture & Great Wall Educational Technology Co., Ltd. spoke on behalf of the software engineering team. He expressed recognition toward the “2+1+1” talent training model and custom employment model of this major and the smooth arrangement of the Accreditation. Meanwhile, he gave some suggestions toward the mechanism of training objective evaluation, employment of professional part-time professors from the enterprises in this industry, and supervision of the quality of graduation design.

Professor Xia Shuqian of Tianjin University concluded the feedback on behalf of the panel. She recognized that the concept of Engineering Education Accreditation has achieved common understanding in HUST and become an engineering education quality culture. She believed that in terms of the matching between the major and the Accreditation common standard, and the improvement of the support system and mechanism, HUST has “done the best” among all the universities that they have inspected. She also provided suggestions for the investigation of the rationalization of the training objectives, the training of non-technological factor skills in specialized courses, the complement of tenures for laboratory staff members as well as the construction of young teachers team.

President Zhao Lin expressed his thanks for the diligent work and sincere instructions of the panel and his admiration for the devoted working attitude of the panel. He accepted all the detailed opinions and objective suggestions and analyzed the reasons behind all the problems from three aspects: first, we have not accurately grasped the common standard of the Accreditation, especially in the understanding and attainment of the requirement of non-technological factors; second, we lack detailed policies and regulations and formalism can be seen somewhere; third, some regulations are yet to be implemented. In the meeting, president Zhao made resolutions on behalf of HUST: first, deepen the understanding and unite and mind. The accreditation will become an effective way for mutual communication between HUST and the world and a key step in the construction of “Double First-Class” university. HUST will firmly follow the “student-centered, outcome-oriented and continuous improving” Accreditation idea, remember the General Secretary’s “Four Services” concept running school, implement the requirement of “achieving connotative development of higher education” by the 19th CPC National Congress report, and use this Accreditation as an opportunity to integrate the thematic education of “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” into the undergraduate education practice and reform, keep in mind the “Nine Persistence”, and provide an engineering education that satisfies the students, parents and the society. Second, establish a long-term mechanism and optimize the top design. HUST will thoroughly analyze and understand the feedback from the panel in terms of education concept, teaching faculty, training program and teaching conditions, promote construction, reform and the pursuit of a complete new perspective with the Accreditation. Third, this professional joint Accreditation will be a new start from which all the majors in HUST will deepen the comprehensive reform according to the concept and requirement of the Accreditation, in order to promote the international Accreditation process.

Photography by Xu Zhuang

Joint Panels of HUST Engineering Education Accreditation Providing Feedback for Spot Inspection in a Meeting

Professor Xia Shuqian Hosting the Meeting and Providing Feedback

Professor Du Dong Providing Feedback

Professor Zhang Xinmin Providing Feedback

Professor Li Dongsheng Providing Feedback

Professor Zhang Jing Providing Feedback

Member of Measurement Technology and Instrument Panel, Professor Wang Hai from Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd. Providing Feedback

Member of the Software Engineering Panel, Professor Bian Jiali from BUPT Providing Feedback

President Zhao Lin Speaking at the Conference

At the Meeting

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