HUST Leaders’Investigations in Northeast Agricultural University

By:Huang Tao

Translated by:Tian Xu Edited by:Liu Xiuming

On the morning of April 26,a HUST leader’delegationled by Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,paid a visitto Northeast Agricultural University for investigation.Zhou Changqun, Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department,Xi Zhaohui,Chief ofUniversityOffice, Wang Junming, Director of Recruitment and Employment Department, Liu Jun, Consultant of Alumni AssociationandHuang Tao, etc. participated in theinvestigation. Wang Zefang, Vice President of Northeast Agricultural University, welcomed Lu Yan and herdelegation.During the talk, the two sides exchanged ideas on the preparations for the 70th anniversary ceremony of the founding ofHUST.

On the symposium,having reviewed the celebration ofthe 70th anniversary of the founding of Northeast Agricultural University on September 15, 2018, Vice President Wang summarized and sharedtheirexperiencesin the preparation and organization. Che Keshu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Northeast Agricultural University and Director of the Alumni Office, made a report on the work. He introduced in detail the basic situation of the celebration, the types and scale of activities, the situation of collecting donations, the budget of funds and expenditure, and summarized the experience of the celebration work. Wu Chunli, Minister of Propaganda Department of Northeast Agricultural University, Wang Shaoyi, Secretary of Party Committee of Art College, Liu Cha, Deputy Director of Student and Works Department, and Zhang Weisheng,Director ofSecretariat of Party and Government Office, respectively introduced the organizational situation ofpublicitywork, commemorative congress,campus Carnival activities and souvenir production, shared the design ideas of each link, and summarized innovative experience. Subsequently, the two sides helda deep discussion.

Ms.Lu Yan extended her heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception of Northeast Agricultural University and for the sharing of the unreserved work experience.She concluded that this investigation was so fruitful that HUST would take the 70th anniversary as a good opportunity to review, summarize and display the development of theuniversityin an all-round way so as to further inspirepeople'sspirit and lay a more solid foundation for the development of theuniversity. She sincerely invites colleagues at Northeast Agricultural University to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of our university next year. After the investigation, Lu Yan and the other delegates visited Houji Square in the Memorial Park of Northeast Agricultural University.

the symposium

Vice President Wang Zefang sharing the experience

Deputy Secretary Lu Yan at thesymposium

Lu Yan and her delegates visiting Houji Square in the Memorial Park of Northeast Agricultural University.

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