The General Undergraduate Enrollment of 2008 Was Successfully Completed

Translated by:Li Zongyang Edited by:liuxiuming

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On August 8, with the last batch of admission letters (Tibetan batches) sent out, our university drew a successful end to the general undergraduate enrollment work in 2018, enrolled a total of 7,496 students (including 36 transferred minority preparatory courses students) in 75 categories of batches. The school used 58 reserved schemes to balance the online source of students in parallel volunteer batches. Among them, 5793 were enrolled in the main campus, and 1703 in Rongcheng Campus, among whom 6586 enrolled in science and engineering, 453 in literature and history, 91 in comprehensive reform and 366 in art.

This year, our university has comprehensively optimized the provincial plans and further improved the dynamic adjustment mechanism of enrollment plan. All the specialties of the main department have been enrolled students in the first batch in Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. Qinghai Province has been adjusted to enroll students in the first batch. Some provinces have increased the number of specialties enrolled in the first batch. The proportion of the main department's first batch plan has increased from 80.2% last year to 86.9% (excluding art classes and provinces that cancel or merge batches). In the process of enrollment, we further expanded the connotation of the "sunshine project" to build a site, telephone and network "three-in-one" candidates consultation and reception system. At the same time, each department set up a special line of enrollment consultation and arranged candidates to enquire and answer questions during the period of examination. We continue to mobilize the strength of alumni from all over the country to help our university’s enrollment publicity. In the process of researching our province's comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, we set an extensive contacts with the provincial education authorities and excellent high schools in our province, further promoted the construction of high-quality student bases, widely publicize the school. We further improved the process of enrollment in sub-regions, continued to carry out standardized enrollment in accordance with the mode of "admission flow + data flow + information flow", implemented a 24-hour duty system, paid special attention to data security, students source analysis and the immediate publication of admission information, to ensure fairness, openness and transparency. Through hard work, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui and Jiangxi enrollment scores and rankings have improved over previous years. This year the main department admission of freshmen in the first level line reach up to 90.4% (excluding arts and cancelled or merged batches of provinces), further realized the improvement of the quality of student sources.

School inspection leaders and the staff in charge of enrolment.

Thoroughly implement the "sunshine project" and set up the "three in one" examinee consultation and reception system.

Alumni associations help promote school enrollment

Enrollment in progress

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