Inspection Team of National Small & Medium Enterprise Demonstration Base Visits HUST Science Park

byLi Damu fromResearch Institute of Science and Engineering

Translated by Yang Xin; edited by Chen Fuming

Time: 2017-03-02 14:05:29 Click: 939

The team led by the head of Innovation Office of the Ministry Committee in Heilongjiang Province came to visit our University Science Park in the afternoon of Feb. 28. They inspected the operation of National small & micro enterprise business and innovation demonstration base. Vice president Guo Erjun, the general manager and deputy general manager of University Science Park Yu Yandong and Chen Yang and some other staff in the park attend the meeting.

At the meeting, the head, Zhao Tiezhi, gave a brief introduction about the work. Then the general manager of University Science Park, Yu Yandong, introduced the achievements in 2016. The introduction is explained from the following five aspects: demonstration base, operation, regulation construction, service and development. She reported in details about the fundamental construction of demonstration base, working condition, achievements transformation, etc. After the report, the inspection team spoke highly of the work, and gave suggestions to the sustainable construction of the base. In the end, our vice president Guo Erjun exchanged their opinions about work. After the meeting, the team visited our valley of entrepreneurship led by Yu Yandong.

Vice President Guo Erjun discussed with the inspection team

The visit in valley of entrepreneurship led by Yu Yandong

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