Graduate School

Located in scenic northern ice city, Harbin, Harbin University of Science and Technology is a comprehensive university, with engineering as its domination and diversified by varied disciplines like sciences, economics, management, arts, laws, philosophy and education.

HUST houses 21 colleges, 1 teaching department and 4 training centers, 1,600 full-time faculty, including 816 professors and associate professors and some 60 specialists and scholars enjoying Chinese government special stipend. Enrollment as of today is approximately 32,000 students, with over 3,500 full-time doctoral candidates and master’s students and more than 1,000 master’s candidates in pursuit of professional degrees.

HUST offers 54 undergraduate majors, 6 doctorate accredited first-level disciplines, 21 doctorate accredited second-level disciplines, 5 post-doctor stations, 19 master’s degrees accredited first-level disciplines, 94 master’s degrees accredited second-level disciplines, 4 professional master’s degrees accredited major divisions, including Master of Engineering, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Translation and Interpreting and Master of Business Administration, 18 Master of Engineering accredited programs, 4 Master of Translation and Interpreting directions and 14 master’s degrees programs for on-the-job teachers in higher education. There are 1 national grade key discipline, 1 provincial grade key discipline group, 3 provincial first-level key disciplines and 20 provincial second-level key disciplines. HUST boasts a national university technopark, a national key laboratory breeding base, a key lab of Ministry of Education, an engineering research center of Ministry of Education, 6 provincial key laboratories (engineering centers), 6 provincial university key laboratories and 3 provincial university-enterprise engineering research centers.

The Graduate School, based on the characteristics of graduate education in China in the new age, keep on exploring and leading reforms to gradually perfect the quality guarantee system of graduate education through promoting the development of graduate curriculums, taking degree thesis quality guarantee measures, building graduate education innovation base and enhancing the supervisor team. In the process of cultivating graduate students, the quality of education has always been put on top of the list, the procedures of cultivation and awarding degrees have been rigorously watched and our emphasis has been put on enhancing the students’ comprehensive abilities, which ensure that the graduate students cultivated master not only solid fundamentals but also strong professional knowledge and have great ability to conduct scientific research, to do engineering practice and to make innovations, and are therefore well received by employers.

Since the reform and opening-up over the past 2 decades, HUST have been actively promoting academic exchanges and cooperation across the world and have established long-term friendly cooperation with other universities and research institutes in over 10 countries in Europe, America and the Asian-Pacific region. Substantial achievements have been made so far in teaching and researching. Joint graduate school by HUST andByelorussiaNationalUniversityhas been established, with outstanding young teachers and graduates being selected to pursue advanced studies overseas annually. HUST is welcoming the new age of opening up to the outside world.

Graduate school in HUST is enrolling students across the country and preparing them to the challenges of the future careers.

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